Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Getting Pastelliferous

I like oil pastels. I like the richness of their colour and the way you can blend them. I particularly like the way they look on brown paper.

The first ones I did were on paper bags. 

Then I started carrying a roll of wrapping paper around with me. The outlines are done with either a brush pen or a good sized chunky marker. I like the thick dark lines you can get with them.

The latest oil pastel drawing is quite big. It's the little kumquat tree outside my living room window.
It's drawn on the opened out surface of a sturdy brown carry bag. (you can tell by the handles). It covered my coffee table, and I used a big brush and indian ink to draw the outlines.

My box of pastels is getting quite well used up now and filling in a large area with small pieces of oil pastel takes some time,  especially when putting down more than one layer of colour. Also, I have yet to find a way to buy replacement pastels individually. I can just imagine a house full of all the colours I hardly ever use, because each time I use up my white, blues and yellows, I have to buy a whole new box!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Sheryl! Oil pastels are so luscious to work with!

  2. Spent a lovely time (with tea and a fresh scone) here in your latest "gallery"! All wonderful and I haven't decided which to purchase yet....
    Use of brown bags/paper as a ground is fascinating. One of my latest online classmates did her self portrait on brown packing paper using pencil crayon and oil paint to great effect. She says she likes it because it's strong and cheap. Oil pastels are so effective aren't they, but I'm wondering if you could get the same result doing the larger areas with some other medium (thereby saving your white/blues/yellows)?

    1. Yes, perhaps I will branch out into multimedia...
      Hope the scones were good, and thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Stunning work Evelyn. Your oil pastels are a treat for the eye.