Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Three Bags Full

What an unadulterated pleasure it is to put white colour on a brown bag. I can't explain it, it is illogical that this should be such a thorough thrill when any colour on any surface involves the same actions and similar outcomes. But white - pencil, pastel, crayon, paint - on brown paper - paper bag, wrapping paper - it's the ultimate. Of course, there's art supply shop kraft paper which is admirably sturdy and hardworking ( the corduroy of papers) and any number of sweetly tinted sketch pads. Trust me, nothing comes close to the humble bag.

Potato bags are quite tough and a little glossy on the outside. Here are a couple of potato bag pictures:

Both of these are drawn with oil pastels. I love the rich colour and the luscious way they stroke the paper as though the two of them were just made for each other!

The last one is drawn on a mushroom bag; much less sturdy than its potato cousin, altogether frailer and more delicate; wistful, even. Oil pastels just felt much too robust for this tender stuff, so I worked with watercolour pencils, gently and tenderly as if I were ministering to an aged aunt. Indeed, there is a similarity in the matter of wrinkliness....Even so, adding water almost resulted in a total collapse. Happily, however, structural integrity was restored after a good long rest in a warm spot.

This is the pot of Earl Grey tea I had at Point Walter this afternoon, looking out over the Swan River.
A wonderful slice of time, pleasantly interrupted at one point when a very cheery, blustery man came over to have a look and told me stories about his mother's plans to take painting classes after her retirement, his exploits with a new border collie pup named Kip, and his own disinclination to draw.

I'm thinking of making a collection of bag drawings. I get all tingley now when I buy potatoes....


  1. Look how delightfully Gauguin-y your drawings are!! These are terrific, as usual - and I'm quite excited to follow you and see where it all goes! :)

    1. Thanks, Sheryl. I'm excited about this new direction too!

  2. Just charming as always, Evelyn! And your writings about these "eclectic" bags are as enthusiastic as your paintings--it is fascinating to follow an artist's musings about materials, place and time the work is done. (One of my favourite artists, Charles Burchfield, an American visionary (1893-1967), wrote wonderful diary entries about his art and life, making him as much a poet--to my eyes--as he was an artist.) I am starting an online art course in January and think I will try to follow this example of picture accompanied by writing about the process and my feelings. (Plan to post results on my FB page!)
    For your latest, I had quite a scramble through my sources this morning finding haiku that would match both mushroom and tea. Was pleasantly surprised to find that Issa seemed to love mushrooms as much as he did tea!!
    All the best,

    1. I, too, love the interweaving of art and reflections on art and life. And good old Issa, trust him to have mushroom and tea poems!