Saturday, September 12, 2015

Communing with Everyday Objects

Cup, mug, teapot, milk jug.
I'm here. It is there.
It has a history of existence before we met in this place.
Me too.
And now here we are, together for a short time.

Never before
in all my life
have I sat before this cup, this mug, this teapot, this milk jug in just this way. 
With this scent of spring in the air, 
this boy asking me if I'd prefer to sit outside, 
this feeling of not wanting to go to work today...

Here we are, together as never before.
I turn to a new page, pick up - mmm - a brush pen. 
I want the responsiveness of it.
And begin.

The lovely shape of the hole in the spout, 
the belly of the jug, how full it is; 
the line of the handle, 
the shape of the shadows, 
the changes in colour. 

There is the architecture. 
The delight in sensing design,
feeling the weight of the curves in my mind, 
sensing them as if I'm holding them, 
As if we are holding each other.

Drawing is not a one-sided thing,
It is a communion,
where we - milk jug, teapot, cup or mug and I,
become greater
than the sum of all our parts.


  1. Great post and lively paintings.

  2. Evelyn! I believe this is worthy of a book, don't you? All your lovely teapots and mugs and jugs and cups in one place--so I can flip through on sunny afternoon in a coffee shop or on a dark stormy night bundled in my recliner! For warmth and inspiration! I can just see it now--the title page with nothing but title and coffee ring (which of course, carries the message!). What do you think?

    1. It's a lovely idea. Really brilliant of you!! Thanks as always.

  3. I'm a big fan of your works, very expressive. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you so much Frank. You are always generous in your support and encouragement and it means a lot to me.